A-Rod Now Lets Bat Do the Talking

A-Rod Now Lets Bat Do the Talking

On what Alex Rodriguez called a “special” day, one on which he tied his former teammate, Ken Griffey Jr., with his 630th home run, he wouldn’t speculate about how much higher up the all-time ladder he can climb.

No surprise there. The old A-Rod, the one whose mouth regularly made headlines, has been gone since 2009, the year his steroids revelation humbled him and, perhaps not coincidentally, the year he finally had a big October.

So he wasn’t going anywhere near the questions about catching Willie Mays at 660, Babe Ruth at 714, Hank Aaron at 755 or Barry Bonds at 762. The thing is, he understands the public intrigue perhaps as much as any player because he loves the game, loves to talk at his locker about who's doing what around the majors.

But just as he finally realized how ridiculous he looked kissing himself in the mirror for a photo shoot once upon a time, Rodriguez has come to understand what works for him as a Yankee.

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