Giants' Cain Proves Worthy of Contract

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Matt Cain wanted the no-hitter and it looked for all the world that Cain could achieve anything he desired on Friday.

"I've never had one," Cain said with a shrug afterwards.

Why not a no-hitter to celebrate his first home game since signing a new $112.5-million deal?

What a perfect way to open the Giants' 2012 home schedule. What a beautiful reminder of how this team can play when its pitching is that good.

It was set up. He was rolling -- Cain retired the first 17 Pirates in a row, making it look so easy that perfection seemed well within reach.

"He was going so good you felt like he had a shot at it," catcher Buster Posey said after the Giants' 5-0 victory. "He's always...

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