Knicks Would Be Smart to Retain Woodson

Knicks Would Be Smart to Retain Woodson

Mike Woodson hasn’t lost at the Garden as Knicks interim head coach. He takes an 8-0 Garden clip into Friday night’s game against Washington and figures to go to 9-0 against the weak Wizards.

It has been a sweet 16 games for Woodson in his month on the job. The cheering and winning hasn’t stopped at the Garden since his debut versus Portland on March 14, hours after Mike D’Antoni resigned. The Knicks blew out Portland that night by 41 points. Many attributed it to the Blazers having quit on their coach Nate McMillan, who was fired the next day.

The nitpicking has ceased, but Woodson’s success is starting to be taken for granted. Since 2000-01, 47 times there has been an in-season coaching change and only nine of those teams made the playoffs (a 19-percent success rate). The groundswell for a Woodson return should be greater, even if it means forgoing a sexy hire like John Calipari, Phil Jackson or even Doc Rivers.

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