Baylor's Other Robert Griffin

Baylor's Other Robert Griffin

By now, the name is so familiar, bordering on ubiquitous. Everybody knows the Robert Griffin story. We've scarcely been able to get enough of it in the months-long buildup to the 2012 NFL Draft.

Ah, but that's where I guess you could say we're in luck (with a lower case l). Because, turns out, there's more to the Robert Griffin story than most of us even knew. And by that I mean there's more than one Robert Griffin. At Baylor, no less. In this very same draft. Ready to chase his NFL dreams. What are the football-lovin' odds?

Robert T. Griffin, aka, "RG2,'' "Deuce,'' or "Big Griff,'' was the "other Robert Griffin'' at Baylor, the senior guard and two-year starter on the offensive line who helped protect and clear the way for RG3, the Bears' Heisman-winning quarterback and soon-to-be top-two pick in the draft. He's got the same name, just not quite the fame or the spectacular game of his wildly famous collegiate teammate. It's confusing, astounding and takes the notion of coincidence to almost absurd new heights.

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