NHL Playoffs Veer Wildly Out of Control

NHL Playoffs Veer Wildly Out of Control

Welcome to the decaying orbit of Brendan Shanahan.

No one would have imagined it would happen this fast.

Less than a year after taking over from Colin Campbell and supposedly ushering in a new era of common sense justice for the NHL, it has become clear that Shanahan’s reign will be no more progressive and may in fact drag the NHL backwards.

Indeed, with the playoffs upon us, the stars of the game are being targetted as never before. It’s like Sean Payton has become a paid consultant for every NHL playoff team.

Not only has Sheriff Shanny been reduced to the proverbial traffic cop handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500, at times it has seemed like there’s no sheriff overseeing the chaos at all. The NHL’s “Department of Player Safety,” created to give Shanahan a grandiose title and business card, now sounds rather silly.

He’s a nice man, a well-meaning man. But he’s been neutered and now discredited.

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