Tom Moore Is Sold on Andrew Luck

Tom Moore Is Sold on Andrew Luck

I trust Tom Moore.

So when the terminally understated former Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator is throwing around glowing compliments, I pay close attention.

Today, he is talking about Andrew Luck.

"It's really none of my business who people take in the draft, but personally, would I take him first? Yes, I'd take him first and no looking back," Moore said from his South Carolina home. "That's no reflection on anybody else, but that's what I would do.

"To me, he's the real deal. He's extremely intelligent. He was placed in a high-power, first-class program. He was very productive -- very, very dedicated to the game. Comes from a football family. He'll always be in shape, always be prepared, he'll always be willing to work. He's very aware of the game as far as coverages, protection, blitzes and things like that. And the big thing is, he not only has the ability but he's willing to work.

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