Misdirection Surrounds NFL Draft

Misdirection Surrounds NFL Draft

The NFL draft is still more than a week away, but the Vikings, for all intents and purposes, are on the clock. Actually, they have been for a while now.

Quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are so assured of being selected Nos. 1 and 2 overall that they might as well fill out change-of-address forms and start checking out real estate listings in Indianapolis and Washington.

The Vikings hold the No. 3 pick and, with time to kill, speculation will run rampant about their intentions until they officially submit their choice on April 26. The safe bet remains that they'll take Southern California left tackle Matt Kalil, a wonderful talent at a position of dire need for the Vikings. Draft experts refer to him as a "safe" pick, which makes this a no-brainer for Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman, right?

Yes, but that's no fun and certainly not in the spirit of draft protocol, which mandates subterfuge, misinformation dissemination and -- truth be told -- blatant lies. Besides, who tips their hand in poker?

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