Rarity: Clippers Make Playoffs

Rarity: Clippers Make Playoffs

The first Clippers' postseason berth in five years came in the most anticlimactic way.

While trailing the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first half Monday, word came down that the Houston Rockets lost to the Denver Nuggets, and thanks to a tiebreaker the Clippers own over the Rockets they earned only their fifth postseason berth since the club moving to Los Angeles in 1984.

So much for the drama - at least on that front.

But that didn't mean there wasn't great theatre going on at Staples Center, all of which played out in the Clippers' 92-77 victory over the Thunder - their second over Oklahoma City in five days.

While the Rockets' loss eliminated any vital need to beat the Thunder there was plenty still at stake for both teams to push the limit and put on a show.

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