Sharks' Big Guns Off Target

Sharks' Big Guns Off Target

The Sharks-Blues regular-season series was not a lie.

This does not mean that the Sharks cannot and will not turn tide of this playoff series ... and of the entire season series, if you add in St. Louis' 4-0 sweep during the regular season.

They can. It's hockey. Things can change dramatically in the switch from game to game.

But the current is running; it's a strong tide, threatening to pull the Sharks right out of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

And there's a reason why it has developed like this, and like it did tonight in St. Louis' 4-3 victory in the crucial Game 3 at HP Pavilion.

The Blues are a terribly tough matchup for the Sharks, the No. 2-seeded Blues played better in the regular season overall, and it is going to take an immense change of momentum for the Sharks to survive this.

The specifics of Game 3: The Blues scored easily on 3 of their 4 power-play situations, the Sharks only converted 1 of their 4 PP efforts, and there is your basic ballgame ... and 2-1 series edge for St. Louis.

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