A Lack of Courage from All Sides in NHL

A Lack of Courage from All Sides in NHL

The only reason Brendan Shanahan, Gary Bettman and their fellow NHL executives are sitting amidst the wreckage of the Stanley Cup playoffs, topped by an inexcusable assault by serial offender Raffi Torres, is their lack of courage in their own convictions.

For that matter, every NHL general manager, head coach, owner, player – any of those who bitterly protested last fall’s crackdown on headshots – can take an equal share of the blame for this disaster.

Almost one year ago, NHL commissioner Bettman announced to great fanfare that Shanahan, who made himself the darling of the league governors and the media with his many ideas on how the game should be improved, would take over from Colin Campbell as the league disciplinarian. There was to be a new approach, the NHL commissioner said, one led by Shanahan that would show the league actually does take the issue of player safety seriously.

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