Canucks Must Play One Shift at a Time

Canucks Must Play One Shift at a Time

Vancouver coach Alain Vigneault said earlier in the week that his team needs simply to concentrate on winning a period to get a start in these NHL playoffs.

That's probably very wise advice, because if they considered the enormity of what they face in trying to climb out of this hole, it would be so very easy to just throw in the towel mentally and get the golf clubs cleaned and ready. And who knows? Perhaps in their minds, that may well already have happened. But it certainly explains statistically why teams down 3-0 in a series, particularly early in the playoffs, pull the pin and go home in most cases.

Consider this: The Vancouver Canucks were considered favorites to win the West and were considered a possible Cup winner.

So let's say they win that period Vigneault was talking about, and actually go on to win Game 4 and get at least a foothold in the series. Then, let's be kind and say they won't lose three in a row at home and they get Game 5 Sunday. Then, we'll be Santa Claus and give them a second road win down here in Game 6. And then, against all odds, they win Game 7 and actually capture the series, which by then would have equalled roughly the length of a CFL season.

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