Knicks Best With Amar'e Coming Off Bench

Knicks Best With Amar'e Coming Off Bench

One 3-pointer after another rained down and landed in the basket, and with each successive launch, the Garden fans rose to their feet. In this weird NBA season, this nationally televised showdown between the rival Knicks and Celtics turned into a shooting contest.

The Knicks won, not as easily as they should have, but they had fun doing it. It was a party vibe, a pleasant surprise for the patrons in loosened ties and rolled-up shirtsleeves stopping by on their way home from work on the island of Manhattan. To be honest, with all those threes going down -- eight for Steve Novak and seven for J.R. Smith, who combined for 50 points -- the building sort of felt the way it did that first night when Jeremy Lin came off the bench and changed the Knicks' season.

As we know, the Knicks' season has undergone many transformations, and this is only the latest. They've had Linsanity, and this was Threesanity for a while Tuesday night. Though he made only two of the Knicks' 19 3-pointers in a 118-110 victory over Boston, this run of 14 victories in 19 games has been all about the biggest name on the Garden's Seventh Avenue marquee: Carmelo Anthony.

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