Ryan Out of Bounds with Transfer Limits

Ryan Out of Bounds with Transfer Limits

It's hardly a rarity these days for coaches to put stipulations when kids leave their program.

South Carolina has done it with big man Damontre Harris after the Gamecocks, according to sources, believed N.C. State assistant Orlando Early tampered before the 6-foot-9 sophomore obtained his release. Others have placed restrictions on going somewhere within the same league -- or even to a program on the schedule for the next season.

But Wisconsin's Bo Ryan has taken it to a new extreme.

The Badgers coach was clearly caught off guard when redshirt freshman forward Jarrod Uthoff called to inform him and assistant Gary Close that he wanted to leave. Ryan was upset -- no, fuming -- because he felt as though Uthoff could be an impact guy in the Big Ten down the road and he never gave it a chance in Madison.

So he decided to fight back in the only manner he could: Prohibiting the 6-foot-8 Iowa native from being recruited by 25 schools.

The rest of the Big Ten, the entire ACC along with Marquette and Iowa State.

Ryan should be ashamed of himself.

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