Griffin III Far From Selfish Player

Griffin III Far From Selfish Player

I spent an afternoon with Robert Griffin III back in December and came away very impressed with the young man.

Mere hours before receiving the Heisman Trophy, he was calm, cool and humble. I asked him about what winning the Heisman would mean to him and his family, and he deflected the question entirely.

It wasn’t about him, he insisted. It was about Baylor football. It was about the program. Right answer. This was before he had a “team” of handlers, before Adidas gave him a multi-million dollar shoe contract and before the sports media drooled over his eclectic sock collection.

Griffin was recruited to play for Art Briles at Houston. When Briles made the decision to leave Houston for Baylor and the Big 12 prior to the start of the 2008 season, he nervously called his prized high school recruit to see if he’d be willing to come with him.

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