More Thursday NFL Games Dangerous

More Thursday NFL Games Dangerous

I'm sorry. I must have missed the NFL reversing field about player safety.

Isn't the league trying to show a newfound concern about concussions and illegal hits? Didn't commissioner Roger Goodell come down on the New Orleans Saints' notorious bounty program with more wrath than the Spanish Inquisition?

During last summer's contentious negotiations with the players' union, didn't the NFL finally back away from its ludicrous idea of an 18-game regular season?

So why in the name of Red Grange has the NFL scheduled 14 Thursday night games for the 2012 season? Longtime football fans may recall that the Chicago Bears and the newly signed Grange barnstormed the country after the 1925 NFL season, playing eight games in 12 days in the East and Midwest, another game on Christmas Day in Coral Gables, Fla., and then eight more games in 31 days in the South and West Coast.

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