Dolphins Flailing in Miami's Market

Dolphins Flailing in Miami's Market

The contaminated Dolphins pushed general manager Jeff Ireland out into the open last week, feeding him to the hungry and howling media beast. Question after question, on radio station after radio station, morning after night, the media-shy Ireland was forced to either a) defend himself or b) talk about why he is one of the most unpopular figures in the history of South Florida sports.

It is the most we’ve ever heard him talk, and he did it in an impossible position, the current climate and the nature of the questions cornering him into sounding either defensive or delusional. Nothing he could have said, not one word, would have given anyone confidence in anything. He was there to be a sponge for fury, to absorb yelling. This while false prophet Bill Parcells, who left him to janitor this mess, was coming off being wooed by the Saints and Vikings.

Hearing Ireland thrown to the piranha was clumsy and uncomfortable, which isn’t what the power position for the Dolphins in this town has ever been. But there aren’t many faces remaining for our scorn after a quicksand decade of everything changing but the results, so Ireland will do as a public punching bag, tossed out there by the team last week to promote the Dolphins’ season-ticket push, an infomercial disguised as access.

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