Red Sox's Woes Deeper Than Valentine

Red Sox's Woes Deeper Than Valentine

What we really saw Saturday at Fenway after the Red Sox were ahead 9-0, what we saw and kept seeing as Bobby Valentine brought one scrub after another out of his bullpen into this train wreck of a game, was just more of the fall that we thought ended with the last game of last season for the Boston Red Sox.

Somehow the Red Sox just keep falling and falling. And every time you think they have hit bottom, they give you a game like Saturday’s against the Yankees, as bad a regular-season loss as any Red Sox team has ever had against the Yankees in any era, making you imagine by the end that the Yankees had dropped the Red Sox from the top of the Green Monster.

You can put this all on the manager if you want to, put Vicente Padilla on him and Matt Albers and Franklin Morales and all the rest of the guys Bobby Valentine kept bringing into the game, looking for somebody who could get an out off Nick Swisher or Mark Teixeira or Eduardo Nunez.

But if you say this is Valentine’s fault after he has managed 14 games, then you must think he picked these scrub pitchers, think he has been in charge of a Red Sox farm system that no longer produces talented pitchers.

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