Shanahan Gets It Right With Torres Suspension

Shanahan Gets It Right With Torres Suspension

The NHL has gone all Matt Cooke on Raffi Torres, with the hope that the latter can clean up his act like the former did.

We'll see.

A year ago, Cooke was suspended for the last 10 regular-season games plus the first round of the playoffs for his elbow on the Rangers' Ryan McDonagh, the latest in a long list of transgressions in Cooke's career.

It amounted to a 17-game suspension and a serious look in the mirror for Cooke. It became one of the best stories in the NHL this season. Cooke returned a different player, defying all expectations by staying out of Brendan Shanahan's office.

Heck, even in the zany Flyers-Penguins playoff series, Cooke is one of the few players who hasn't crossed the line.

"The league does their job, and as players we need to trust that they have everybody's best interest at hand. I've been there. It's not an easy situation," Cooke told's Scott Burnside on Saturday morning.

Do longer suspensions send stronger messages?

"Yeah. I think messages are sent through suspensions for sure. I guess it's how it's perceived," Cooke said.

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