Cuban Rants: U.S. Olympic Giveaway 'Stupid'

Cuban Rants: U.S. Olympic Giveaway 'Stupid'

Mark Cuban comes off as an unpatriotic, unapologetic, typical money-first, damn-the-flag, ugly-American businessman. But listen closer. Deeper. Does he think the U.S. Olympic basketball team is a shambles?

“I hope so,’’ the Dallas Mavericks owner told

“Maybe that’ll be my next business. F--- up the Olympics.’’

Here we go again with Cuban. The NBA stocks the U.S. Olympic team with stars, and will again this summer at the London Olympics. Cuban went on a rant in the way only Cuban can, which is to say it went way overboard, and will outrage plenty of people, including NBA Commissioner David Stern.

It came shortly after the outrage over Dwyane Wade and Ray Allen talking about pay for Olympians, and raising cries from critics about lack of patriotism.

Now Cuban seems to want to be paid, too, for turning over his players?

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