Giroux Personifies Flyers' Dominance

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Some games define players, or introduce them, or just harden them in hockey’s firmament, and perhaps Claude Giroux was due. He had already been the best player in Philadelphia’s first-round series with the Pittsburgh Penguins; he had already completed a season as the league’s third-leading scorer.

In Game 6 against the Penguins Sunday, Giroux delivered a defining game, and a defining moment. Before Philadelphia’s series-winning 5-1 victory, he demanded to start. And off the faceoff, the soft-spoken, 24-year-old from Hearst, Ont, — listed generously at 5-feet-11 and 172 pounds — drove right at Sidney Crosby and levelled him, shoulder to shoulder, clean and hard, in front of the Pittsburgh bench.

On the same shift Giroux stole a...

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