Metta Not Showing World Much Peace

Metta Not Showing World Much Peace

Metta World Peace's vicious, dangerous elbow to the head of James Harden Sunday was no garden variety NBA elbow, and it probably will result in longer than your typical elbowing suspension.

It should, anyway. This was about as cheap as a cheap shot gets.

It'll have nothing to do with the fact that Metta World Peace is really Ron Artest, he of Malice at the Palace fame. World Peace, after all, has come a long way since his 73-game suspension for going into the stands in Auburn Hills, Mich., in 2004, and even won the NBA's citizenship award last season (when his name was still Ron Artest).

That will have nothing to do with it when league disciplinarian Stu Jackson and his staff sit down to review the play Monday at the league office in New York. Here's why World Peace likely will be looking at more than the usual one-game elbowing suspension -- and possibly more than the two games Kobe Bryant got for elbowing Mike Miller in the throat during a game in 2005.

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