Nets Leave Place That Never Felt Like Home

Nets Leave Place That Never Felt Like Home

There is a story about the Nets’ first year in New Jersey that seems apocryphal, but is more prologue than fiction.

They were known as the Americans back then — “Amerks” to the headline writers — and they played at the Teaneck Armory, a Depression-era fortress that was best suited for dog shows and roller derby, though it served its purpose during their inaugural 1967-68 season in the American Basketball Association.

The Nets actually finished tied for the final playoff berth that year and were scheduled to host the one-game play-in contest against the Kentucky Colonels on March 23, 1968.
Alas, the Armory wasn’t available that day (the circus was in town, in a fitting irony), and the game had to be moved to Commack Arena on Long Island.

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