Pot Smoking Becoming Less of a Concern

Pot Smoking Becoming Less of a Concern

There is a growing sentiment among some NFL team executives that marijuana use in college football has grown so exponentially over the past five years that it has caused a shift in how NFL teams think of players who use the drug.

Marijuana use was never an NFL career killer but it was viewed as a possible omen of potential problems to come. A positive pot test meant possible injured draft stock. That was then. Now, pot use in college has grown so much, scouts and others say, NFL teams are scrambling to re-evaluate players who fail those tests, and in some cases, significantly downplaying its importance.

Some executives maintain the number of college football players that use marijuana has doubled in recent years alone, and some team officials estimate maybe as high as four in 10 draft-eligible players from this draft have failed at least one school administered drug test, and two in 10 multiple drug tests.

The end result of the perceived increased usage, some executives say, is that teams are totally rethinking how they view players that test positive for marijuana. While a positive test result still raises a red flag, some teams believe that franchises are now almost forced to ignore those test results, or at least dramatically de-emphasize them during the evaluation process, because they have become so numerous.

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