Tales From Pursuit of Lowsman Trophy

Tales From Pursuit of Lowsman Trophy

Paul Salata's name wasn't on theater marquees, but he had bit parts in such 1950s movie epics as Stalag 17 and The Ten Commandments. So he has a feel for "Mr. Irrelevant," the honor he founded in 1976 for the last pick in each NFL draft.

The Indianapolis Colts figure to take Andrew Luck with the first pick Thursday. They also have the 253rd and final pick Saturday, a compensatory selection at the end of Round 7.

The last pick will be honored during "Irrelevant Week" in June in Newport Beach, Calif. Festivities will include presentation of the Lowsman Trophy.

This will be the 37th Lowsman. Salata, 85, a former tight end for Southern California, the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Colts, notes more than twice as many Heismans have been awarded. "So (the Lowsman) is more prestigious," says Salata, whose sense of humor also is evident in the way the guy on the Lowsman is dropping the ball.

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