A Solution to Stop Tanking in the NBA

A Solution to Stop Tanking in the NBA

There's only a few more days left in the NBA season and you know what that means - tanking! To be fair, tanking has been happening for weeks (and in the Bobcats' case it would appear all season long). The Warriors shut down David Lee and Stephen Curry. Is there any doubt those players would be in there if they were in the midst of a playoff chase? The Blazers traded away Marcus Camby and Gerald Wallace for next to nothing in return and have the likes of Jonny Flynn and Nolan Smith running the point.

There's a lot of talk about a bunch of teams strategically tanking due to this year's strong draft class. For some teams it makes more sense than others. The Warriors get to keep their top pick if it's in the top 7. If it falls outside of that it goes to the Jazz. Currently the Warriors have the 8th worst record but are jumbled up with a lot of teams with a similar record.

It's difficult to tell who is tanking and who is not but clearly something must be done about it. The NBA would like all games to be as competitive as possible and fans obviously want to see that as well. Why should teams be rewarded for not putting the best product out there and the teams that barely make the playoffs get punished with a quick playoff exit and a middle of the road first round pick?

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