Early Exits Will Make Unpredictable Off-Season

Early Exits Will Make Unpredictable Off-Season

Aside from the teams that actually make it out of the first round, you’d have to think the two people most thrilled with the early developments in these playoffs would be Rick Nash and Scott Howson.

A number of teams that were tabbed as legitimate contenders for the Stanley Cup have flamed out spectacularly in the first round of the post-season and could be joined by the New York Rangers and Chicago Blackhawks Monday night and either the Washington Capitals or Boston Bruins on Wednesday.

This will undoubtedly lead to howls of the need for change in a number of major NHL markets, which will lead to a greater certainty that not only will Nash be dealt, but that a team will overpay for him. Those teams, of course, will ignore the fact that Nash is already overvalued by his salary and contract terms. And instead of offering the Columbus Blue Jackets the opportunity to simply get out from under that contract in exchange for taking Nash, they’ll be more inclined to meet Howson’s demands. Clearly, Howson was wise to grab his mask and gun and demand an outrageous return at the trade deadline.

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