How College Success Affects Drafting of QBs

How College Success Affects Drafting of QBs

Winning isn’t everything when it comes to the NFL’s evaluation of quarterback prospects.

It sure does help bolster their draft stock, though.

NFL starters — especially the elite ones — have typically enjoyed collegiate success on the scoreboard. Twenty-five of the league’s 32 teams field passers who had winning records for their football alma maters. Most of those quarterbacks also entered the NFL coming straight off their best NCAA season.

According to NFL personnel guru Bill Polian, both of those elements figure “quite a bit” into the scouting process. College legacies are measured just like arm strength, accuracy and Wonderlic scores.

“In many respects, you’re going to be asking him to carry your team in the NFL,” Polian told “If he can’t carry his team at the collegiate level, which is quite a bit lower in terms of the level of competition, what makes you think he can do it at this level?”

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