Latest Charges Won't Dent Loomis

Latest Charges Won't Dent Loomis

The instinct here is that New Orleans Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis will survive this latest accusation of foul play:  an ESPN report accusing him of eavesdropping on opponents inside the Superdome from 2002-2004. The evidence is just a little too thin, the denials a little too strong, the news a little too old to suspect that this latest scandal will lead to anything like the type of NFL sanctions that have rocked the franchise during the league's bounty investigation.

And for now, at least, the most important judge -- Saints owner Tom Benson -- has decided to rule in Loomis' favor.

Although it would be fair to suspect that Loomis has been under some sort of double-secret probation after allowing Benson's franchise to be so badly damaged by the bounty scandal, nothing could be further from the truth.

By all accounts, Benson's loyalty to Loomis is as strong as it has ever been. He continued to stand behind Loomis on Monday, just as he has throughout the NFL bounty investigation that has threatened to tarnish his franchise's reputation and its chances to compete for another Super Bowl.

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