Lincecum Still Searching for the Freak of Old

Lincecum Still Searching for the Freak of Old

If I didn’t know better, if the guy on the mound had been someone other than Tim Lincecum, I would have just dismissed him as another struggling major league starter.

Tim Lincecum doesn’t labor. Tim Lincecum doesn’t top out at 92 mph and sit at 89-90. Tim Lincecum doesn’t throw 108 pitches in five innings and need a spectacular 4-6-3 double play after his final pitch to prevent the total from going even higher.

Lincecum, 27, did all of that Monday in a 6-1 victory over the Mets, and the only reason that Giants fans should not truly worry is because he has experienced similar frustration before.

Specifically, he experienced it in a span of four starts from Aug. 10 to Aug. 27, 2010, allowing 19 runs in 19 innings. Perhaps you remember how Lincecum snapped out of it — with a brilliant September and even better October, helping the Giants win their first World Series since their move to the West Coast.

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