MLB: Don't Make Too Much of Perfect Game

MLB: Don't Make Too Much of Perfect Game

You could have listed 100 names of the pitchers most likely to pitch a perfect game this season. Phil Humber's name wouldn't have been on it.

In fact, make a list of the 100 pitchers who can throw the next no-hitter. Humber's name shouldn't be on that list either.

There are 150 regular starting pitchers in baseball and Humber might be closer to the bottom third of those intriguing enough to own in fantasy.

While his perfect Saturday makes Humber one of the most-added players right now, he still should be waiver-wire fodder. Yes, he is a lot better than the Mets (who have never had a no-hitter in their franchise history, coincidentally) or Twins thought -- two teams that gave up on him -- but he is one of those arms you shuffle in and out of your lineup as needed.

Why isn't Humber trustworthy week in and week out for the long term? Well, for the same reasons he wasn't in's top 125 rankings in the preseason or wasn't in the top 125 on's average draft positions. Even after his perfect game and as hot as this start has been for him, he is still just 45th in scoring in a standard head-to-head points league that awards three points per inning.

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