Saints Can't Afford to Be Wrong in Denial

Saints Can't Afford to Be Wrong in Denial

Roger Goodell does have an entire league to run, you know. Is there any chance he can take a few minutes every once in a while to attend to the business of the other 31 NFL teams … besides the Saints?

Maybe not.

The commissioner now has to check into this latest report of rule-breaking by the Bounty Boys. Goodell hasn’t even given a final ruling on the bounty scandal; he’s still pondering his options on player punishments.

But with Monday’s ESPN report of eavesdropping on the opposing coaches’ box by that Saints’ general manager—who is already being disciplined over the bounties—Goodell’s offseason just got busier. And even more concentrated on one increasingly tainted franchise.

If it actually is tainted by this, that is. With no disrespect intended to ESPN’s reporting, Goodell now has to referee a pretty big he-said, he-said. Somebody is right, and somebody is very, very wrong.

Mickey Loomis, already suspended for half the upcoming season over the bounty scandal, basically has sworn that he’s right. He is strenuously denying the report of his covertly listening on the coaches from his box in the Superdome from 2002 to ’04. A Saints spokesman called the report “1,000 percent false … 1,000 percent inaccurate.” Loomis himself told Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer that it was “absolutely false. … It just didn’t happen.”

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