The Argument Against Home-Plate Collisions

The Argument Against Home-Plate Collisions

You read the headline, and you automatically knew to put me in one (or all) of the following categories:

  • Whiny Giants fan still upset over his precious Buster Posey
  • Nancy boy
  • America-hating marxist

I'm certainly a Giants fan, and I'm possibly a Nancy boy. And I watched a couple of World Cup games once, so the last one might fit. Guilty all around, I guess. So feel free to ignore these thoughts because they're coming from a biased source.

But home-plate collisions are still a mystery to me -- a confounding and unpleasant mystery. The main argument for them is that they're some inextricable part of the game that have been and always will be, but I'd argue the opposite -- it's because they're so not part of the game that they stand out. A runner taking out a catcher is like a musical number -- "May the (Four of Us) Be With You!" -- in the middle of Star Wars. It wouldn't be why you were watching, and it wouldn't even be the same damned genre. It'd feel too incongruous to have two things so different mashed together.

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