Derek Fisher Takes on Billy Hunter

Derek Fisher Takes on Billy Hunter

Back in the lockout, a common theme was that David Stern was looking to massacre, destroy or otherwise obliterate the National Basketball Players Association.

It was never true. As Stern said then, he wanted a strong union because he needed a body that could deliver a deal. (If the union had fallen apart, who would have rounded up the player support necessary to get a deal done?) Stern bargained hard, but he certainly did not fire all of his guns.

We know this because it would have been a cinch to destabilize NBPA executive director Billy Hunter, and Stern did not.

One of the worst-kept secrets in basketball over the past few years has been nepotism at the players' association, where Hunter and his family profit in many and varied ways from union activities. But it was a card Stern never played.

Now that the collective bargaining deal is done, instead of would-be opponent Stern, a would-be ally -- NBPA president Derek Fisher -- has been the one to bring Hunter's nepotism to light.

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