MLB: Injury Update

MLB: Injury Update

Ryan Howard, Phillies (post-surgical Achilles, 5/10)

Bottom line, Utley isn't coming back soon. Utley met with the team, but elected to stay in Arizona where he continues to rehab his damaged knees. There's no clear timeline, but I'm reminded of last year. When he came back, he came back in a hurry, and then once back, played like the Utley of old. That could happen again, though I'm less certain of it and a whole lot less certain of the timeline.

Howard saw a specialist and was told it will be one more week before he's cleared for full activity. It's mobility that's the last step, yet that's the smallest part of his game. He's doing everything but that in his work now, and if you think anything but the slightest sign that he can field will prompt the Phillies to activate Howard, you're crazy. He's already swinging a bat, but not hitting, according to GM Ruben Amaro. I'll admit I don't understand the difference here. I don't expect the team to waste many at-bats on the minors with him. Getting Howard back before the All-Star Game would be a win for the Phillies and their medical staff.

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