MLB: Is Jeter's Start for Real?

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Jeter, an "old man" by baseball standards, checking in at 37 years of age (and he'll turn 38 on June 26), is playing like he's a man 10 years younger. Small-sample caveats apply, but Jeter is batting .411, the third-best mark in the majors, he's the major league leader with 32 hits and he's on pace for an incredible 38 home runs, 124 RBIs and 133 runs scored. So far, he has enjoyed every bit the level of success that he did in either 1999, 2006 or 2009, the three seasons in his 18-year big league career during which he managed a top-three finish in the MVP balloting.

Now, let's take that "small-sample caveat" and toss it out the window, because, statistically speaking, Jeter's resurgence looks completely legitimate.

Two statistical traits of Jeter's stand out...

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