Rams Need to Get It Right in This Draft

Rams Need to Get It Right in This Draft

For too many years now, Rams Park has been the place where premium NFL draft picks go to die.

So many careers were aborted or ruined, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is investigating the suspicion that the Rams were the first franchise in NFL history to put bounties on their own draft choices.

Since GM Charley Armey was phased out in a power grab by Mike Martz in 2000, a sequence of Rams' personnel wizards have displayed less skill in finding the target than a bunch of dizzy, blind-folded, fruit-punch-chugging, hyperactive kids staggering around in a game of pin the tail on the donkey.

A potential football dynasty fondly remembered as "The Greatest Show on Turf" was wrecked by a startling count of draft-day busts that ranged from Trung Canidate to Tye Hill, with the occasional Eric Crouch and Dominique Byrd thrown in.

Where have you gone, Joe Klopfenstein?

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