Self-Promotion Damaging McNabb Legacy

Self-Promotion Damaging McNabb Legacy

Last fall, when Donovan McNabb was cut by the Minnesota Vikings, I wrote an article urging him to leave the game for good. I said, in essence, that the longer he stays in the spotlight, the harder it will be for him to make the Hall of Fame. I used his numbers to show that his credentials might be worthy of Canton, but that attempting to prolong his career would only hurt his candidacy.

Although he wisely walked away from the game, McNabb is still finding ways to damage his legacy.

He is doing this by constantly making himself the story. He recently started appearing on ESPN's family of networks, joining their star-studded cast of former player-turn-analysts. In an appearance on First Take, McNabb wasted no time in turning a story about Robert Griffin III into a story about McNabb. McNabb claimed Robert Griffin III would not succeed in Washington because the Shanahans would limit him much like they supposedly limited McNabb in his stint there. Although he tried to remain as separated from the issue as possible, his bitterness was evident when he used the words "ego" and saying, "I was misused. Absolutely."

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