Trades Dominate Due to Rookie Scale

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Musings, observations, and the occasional insight as we absorb the dizzying events of round one of the NFL Draft Thursday night in Radio City Music Hall...

• The star of the NFL draft's first round was rather predictably a rookie, but not any of those we've spent months focused on. Let's hear it for the first year of the rookie wage scale, which produced for us one of the most entertaining, eventful and trade-filled first rounds in memory.

True, last year at this time the NFL knew it was headed for a rookie salary scale whenever a new collective bargaining agreement came together. But this was the first draft where that wage structure impacted the moves that were made in the first round, and it did so on a scope that was writ large.

All told, teams that held six of the first seven draft slots this year traded out of them, in a flurry of activity...

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