Bold Move Right Move for Cowboys

Bold Move Right Move for Cowboys

To land the best, you have to go bold, you have to pay premium, and beyond the shock value, you have to expect the second-guessing.

And that was the Cowboys on Thursday night, opening the first round of the NFL Draft by going bold, paying premium, sending shock waves, and yes, here came the gave-up-too-much second-guessing.

But as far as LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne is concerned, what the heck is there not to like about the best cornerback in the draft, and a player considered one of the top five elite players in the draft, joining the Cowboys' secondary.

It's not like cornerback wasn't a top need. It's also not like any group position on the defense wasn't a need, and with Claiborne teaming with new free-agent addition Brandon Carr, the Cowboys suddenly should be going from borderline awful at corner, to very, very good.

At least with the dramatic trade up for Claiborne from No. 14 to No. 6, at the cost of a second-round pick, and with the new $50 million contract for Carr, the corner play had better be very, very good.

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