Flurry of Trades May Mean the End of Mock Drafts

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Something was happening. It was another trade -- the third of the evening -- and the 2012 NFL Draft hadn't even reached the sixth pick. But this time, nobody had any idea what to expect. Nobody knew which team. Nobody knew why.

"Oh, I was sweating it," laughed Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland during a midnight phone call, still riding the high of his selection of quarterback Ryan Tannehill at No. 8, two spots after the first round's biggest shocker of a trade.

But after 30 very stressful seconds for Ireland, we'd eventually learn Miami had no reason to fret, that the Dallas Cowboys were instead making an unexpected jump to the top of the draft in order to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to cornerback Morris Claiborne.

Craziness? Oh, yes. The first...

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