Durant: The Model Superstar

Durant: The Model Superstar

Why is it, Kevin Durant, that you dress like such a nerd?

While driving north on an Oklahoma City freeway, towards a basketball clinic he’ll conduct for a bunch of kids on a mid-April afternoon, Durant laughs as he considers this question. Sure, at 23, Durant might be the most dynamic basketball player on the planet right now, a long, lean 6’9” scoring machine who has brought championship dreams to small-market OKC. But Durant is more than a transcendent hoops talent. He also happens to be a geek-chic fashion pioneer.

During last year’s postseason, the Oklahoma City Thunder star started wearing a backpack, with a single strap buckled across the front, to his press conferences – he says he keeps his iPad, a bible, and some other accessories in the sack. The bookish item was an instant hit. “People started rocking the book bag,” says Durant’s Thunder teammate, Royal Ivey. Nike produced, and sold out, a limited line of vintage Durant backpacks: a full collection is coming this fall. “He created a business,” says Nike sports marketing exec Chuck Terrell, “that we didn’t know we had.”

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