MLB: Closers on the Hot Seat

MLB: Closers on the Hot Seat

Javy Guerra, Dodgers

Pick up: Kenley Jansen, of course.

Mattingly might not be ready to jump to Jansen's power arm just yet, but fantasy owners should prepare for that eventuality. Jansen has the stuff to be one of the elite relievers in all of baseball. There was a good reason it was Jansen, and not last year's 20-plus save closer Guerra, who appeared in the NL Rookie of the Year vote. Jansen's power arm is a headliner. It could make him this year's Craig Kimbrel.

Guerra started hot, but he is just 1-3 with 5.59 ERA and 1.45 WHIP overall. After blowing his second save this week, it might be time to see if there is an injury causing this funk. If Jansen gets the closer's role, for injury or otherwise, it will be hard to get it back from him.

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