Tigers Better Off Without Troubled Young

Tigers Better Off Without Troubled Young

It seemed Friday as if the Tigers had been smothered by Delmon Young's arrest at the team hotel in Manhattan.

A tomb-quiet clubhouse. A manager and players on edge. A front-office boss nowhere to be seen. A fifth straight defeat.

This wasn't how the baseball season in Detroit was supposed to unfurl.

By the time Drew Smyly and the Tigers had beaten the Yankees, 7-5, early Saturday evening in the Bronx, it was as if the Young crisis was another team's issue.

"I don't get many calls at 3:30 or 4 in the morning," Dave Dombrowski said Saturday, as he sat in the Tigers dugout, speaking with a media crowd about Friday morning's news bulletin and his arrival at Young's room, where Young was "not in a very good state as far as sobriety."

Young is on Major League Baseball's restricted list following a hospital check-in for intoxication, his arraignment on a misdemeanor charge of aggravated harassment, and an investigation by New York police into possible hate-crime language.

Young's placement on the restricted list is serious. It is a kind of exile for players who get paid but who can't play while their issues are being resolved.

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