Bynum Does His Talking on Court

Bynum Does His Talking on Court

At the end of a long, record-breaking afternoon, Lakers center Andrew Bynum lifted his feet from a bucket of ice, stood up and made his way to the shower after talking to reporters following the Lakers' 103-88 victory over the Denver Nuggets to open the first round of the Western Conference playoffs.

A few feet away, teammate Pau Gasol was already dressed and preparing to join Kobe Bryant in the interview room to talk about the Lakers' dominating win.

Makes you wonder what a guy has to do these days to get invited to the interview room.

Apparently, not the 10 points, 13rebounds and 10 blocked shots Bynum notched Sunday that left everyone delving into the Lakers and NBA record books for perspective.

Nor the way he controlled an entire game while demoralizing the Nuggets by patrolling the paint, building a wall at the rim and daring them to try and hoist shots over him, only to swat them away like so many flies at an afternoon picnic.

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