Family Feud Over Olympic Berth

Family Feud Over Olympic Berth

In 2008, Steven Gluckstein flubbed a trick in the U.S. Olympic trampoline finals, missing a trip to the Beijing Games.

Now, what stands between him and a trip to the London Games is another Gluckstein: his younger brother Jeffrey.

"I am not going to let my little brother beat me this year," says Steven Gluckstein, 21 years old.

Counters Jeffrey Gluckstein, 19: "Hopefully my best is just a little better than his."

They live together in their parents' house in New Jersey and train together at a nearby gym, where they also work together overseeing trampoline birthday parties for kids to earn money.

But rarely mentioned amid this togetherness is their high-stakes battle. Imagine Eli and Peyton Manning squaring off in the Super Bowl, or Venus and Serena Williams in the U.S. Open final. Here, however, the winner becomes an Olympian—while the loser remains a guy who bounces on trampolines.

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