MLB: This Week's 2-Start Pitchers

MLB: This Week's 2-Start Pitchers

This week feels like a case of the haves and the have-nots, as some teams roll their rotations over to the top and others get caught with the back end of their rotation making two starts this week. Ownership percentages are all over the place as well, and bargain plays abound. Meanwhile, I gave out my first (and hopefully last) 0 rating.

There wasn't a lot of news as far as rotation shuffling goes. The Twins were set to work a 4-man rotation, then reneged. The Yankees continue to talk a big game about skipping Freddy Garcia, but an official announcement has not been forthcoming. Other teams have flip-flopped starters for various reasons. By luck of the draw, all of the pitchers affected pitch during the middle of this coming week.

Ratings (0 is the lowest possible score; 5 is the highest) are based on my own subjective opinion on a given pitcher's talent level and recent form, with considerations made for ballpark and opposing offense. I've included comments for all 42 pitchers this week. These are drive-by comments and many of them are based on small sample size, but I've tried to be as informative as possible. I'm happy to discuss any pitcher on a deeper level in the comments or on Twitter. Additionally, I've provided all of this information in a Google Spreadsheet, mostly so that interested parties can sort based on ownership percentage. In the near future, statistics will be included on this document as well. If you decide to utilize this resource, don't forget to make sure that you're viewing the correct week.

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