MMQB: NFL Draft Provides Plenty of Stories

MMQB: NFL Draft Provides Plenty of Stories

So what were 39.6 million people doing over the weekend? Watching the draft. At least one minute of it, according to NFL numbers released Sunday. I won't cover all three days of it here. Instead, I'll pick and choose the things that most interested me, and then ... well, let's just get it going. There's so much to say.

I was in Radio City Music Hall for round one Thursday night, then went to south Florida Friday morning to report on the Dolphins and Ryan Tannehill for Sports Illustrated. Along the way, I checked in with the new face of sports in the District of Columbia, the strange draft of the Seahawks, the smart trading of Trent Baalke in San Francisco, the relative merits of taking a punter in the third round, rookie GM Les Snead treating the draft like a mutual fund in St. Louis, a controversial draft in Indianapolis (plus Jimmy Irsay's tremendous affection for me), and a general manager in Miami with a lot on his mind.

For all whose teams I didn't cover here, my apologies. Barring unforseen events in the league today (such as bounty discipline), I'll have more draft thoughts in Tuesday's column.

Where to begin? Chronologically.

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