Unrealistic Expectations for Luck, Griffin

Unrealistic Expectations for Luck, Griffin

We have been spoiled by the recent success of rookie quarterbacks.

Here is a not-so-bold prediction. None of the four quarterbacks drafted in the first round in 2012 will reach the playoffs as rookies.

If that happens, don’t be alarmed. It’s wonderful that Cam Newton set records last season, and that Andy Dalton played with poise and led the Bengals to the playoffs.

But we have become wrapped up in judging young quarterbacks too quickly. It’s not just about what you do as a rookie. It’s what you do over the long haul.

People are already asking which quarterback will have the better rookie season, Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III. Great for barber shop debate. However, the NFL portrait painted by quarterbacks is much broader than what they do as rookies.

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