Young's Anger Holding Back His Career

Young's Anger Holding Back His Career

Tigers outfielder Delmon Young was placed on baseball's restricted list the other day, ironic considering the gravity of the anti-Semitic slurs he is accused of using right before he allegedly attacked someone outside the team's hotel here.

Young, it seems pretty clear, is one lucky young man. Because his type of behavior would not be tolerated in almost any other line of work.

As it is, his bad personality seems like a reasonable explanation for a career that hasn't come close to living up to original expectations (more on that later).

I don't necessarily blame the Tigers for suggesting he'll be activated as soon as the league clears him to play. They're just doing what any other team would say and probably do when one of their relatively productive players misbehaves. And what the players' union will likely allow for a player under contract.

It would be nice if the Tigers were the one franchise willing to cut a player for being a jerk, and if they do, they get a lifetime supply of plaudits from me. But that's just not something that ever happens.

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