Young, Arenas Use Friendship to Move On

Young, Arenas Use Friendship to Move On

When Nick Young was traded to Los Angeles in March he asked to wear No. 0, homage to his long-time friend and mentor, Gilbert Arenas. No bleeping way, the Clippers told him. The past is the past; it's time to turn the page.

We go about our business a certain way here, Vinny Del Negro told Young. All that b.s. that went down in Washington, forget it. We expect to win here, and we expect you to be a productive part of it.

A little more than a month later, Young is No. 11, Arenas is No. 10 and two of the faces of the Wizards wreckage are suddenly relevant. Young was one of the catalysts in the Clippers' stunning 24-point fourth-quarter rally, knocking down three straight threes in the final three minutes to help bring L.A. back. Arenas, signed by the Grizzlies in March, is a backup to Mike Conley. They have put the woeful ending in Washington in the rear-view mirror, never to be discussed.

"No talking about the past," Arenas said. "When we see each other, we stay away from that area."

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